About Us

Ickler Electric Corporation is entering our 31st year of service. We are large enough to have financial stability and vast experience, but still small enough to have a very personal interest in every project.

Company Profile

Qualcomm electricalIckler Electric has strived to service the needs of specialty clients in the BioTech, Electronics Tech and Mission Critical industry. Ickler Electric’s reputation has extended over the last 30 years in San Diego. We are large enough, backed with solid financial stability to allow our vast experience to stretch across San Diego’s most desirable project types. Our company is yet still small enough to have a personal interest in every project and strive on every project.

Recent additions to Ickler Electric include:

  • Registered Electrical Engineering Owner Involvement
  • BIM-Revit-3D CAD abilities in-house
  • Prefabrication departments
  • Lean/Green production methods
  • Company owned equipment such as lifts and reach-forks

Ickler Electric has built a management team and field staff around individual abilities, personality strengths. This is significantly different than the common systems approach of plugging staff into job “SLOTS”. The benefit of this organizational style includes: closer communication, better project coordination, high levels of morale, excellent craftsmanship, and exceeding the highest standards of the project at hand.

When entering into a project, the goal at Ickler Electric is to establish a client relationship for life. This happens only when we offer our knowledge and craftsmanship for a fair price with an excellent attitude. We never enter into a project with the idea of “this project is a one time deal”. The proof to this is our client base of on-going work and long term relationships. We feel very fortunate that this “repeat” process has expanded our company to what it is today.

Most of all remember: Be safe and deliver a quality product you will always be proud of.



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