Ickler Electric has made a major commitment to safety. First aid and CPR Training is provided and required for all our team members. Proper safety equipment and training is provided by Ickler Electric and its use is required at all times. Each team member is shown why, and then buys into the fact that working safe is his or her responsibility. This concept along with incentive programs and onsite inspections keeps our loss ratio below industry standards.

Cal/Osha has given us excellent reviews for our safety program as well as for our accident and illness prevention program.

Besides standard construction safety practices Ickler Electric emphasizes:

  • Lock out tag out program
  • Temporary power review
  • Fall protection
  • Proper ergonomic positioning


Infared Scanning for Preventative Maintainence

Infared Scanning for Preventative Maintenance

Qualcomm Power Monitoring

Power Quality Monitoring


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