Ickler Electric CorporationTM

13250 Kirkham Way Poway, CA 92064 | 858.486.1585

Trusted through time and time again

Kurt and Lauri Ickler started Ickler Electric in 1985. Their vision was to provide electrical construction and service with the highest quality, on schedule, at a fair price. All with great communication, integrity, and a safe working environment. With this mission, the Ickler Electric team members, team associates, clients, and community, formed the foundation leading to one of the regions most sought after electrical contractors. Many of their projects were complex in design/function, constructability and schedule.

Randy Minnier, a very “hands on” electrical engineer, started to tackle these complex issues with Ickler Electric in 2000. This team developed many very satisfied clients by providing unique solutions to complex problems. The electrical industry was going through major changes with technology. With his Electrical Engineering background, Randy not only understood this, but was on the forefront of this technology boom. Randy Minnier is a registered Professional Electrical Engineer and licensed in 22 states.

In 2015, Randy Minnier acquired Ickler Electric. He added renewed energy and technology expertise to a strong foundation, benefiting team members and clients. These programs include extensive pre-construction services (design, budget, schedule), power quality analysis, BIM (building information modeling), just in time/off site fabrication, safety incentive programs, and continuing education programs.

Ickler Electric is unique to the region, a leading electrical contractor, led by an electrical engineer. Our client/project list proves Ickler Electric is large enough to have extensive financial strength, manpower, and expertise to perform on any project, but also structured to have a very personal interest in every project from conception to completion. This experience, total quality management approach, and a merit shop team of craftsman, leads Ickler Electric to more complicated projects that demand quality, knowledge, and craftsmanship.