Ickler Electric CorporationTM

13250 Kirkham Way Poway, CA 92064 | 858.486.1585

Controlled environment and quality control in collaboration with City of San Diego head electrical inspector

Custom steel fabrication shop

Steel and Aluminum fabrication, Welding, Powder Coating or other coatings, PreFabrication shop – Assembly Production, Prewiring, Whips and cable assemblies, Wireway stanchions, Fabrication tables, Wall and ceiling panel fabrication, Temp power stands, Custom electrical boxes and enclosures, Cart and table manufacturing for more efficient installations


SolidWorks based designs and Partners with waterjet and laser fabrication shops


PreFabrication shop – Typical Assemblies

Lighting Whips prewired with Title 24 control wire, Pre-wired outlets, Ceiling cord drops and boxes, Wireway – Aluminum and Steel, Ceiling tiles assemblies, Title 24 Cat5e control patch cords

prefab prefab

PreFabrication shop – Panelboards

Fully Wired panels with all 42 circuits, Mounting height templates, Exterior side mounts, Protective cover front, Custom top pullbox

prefab prefab