Ickler Electric CorporationTM

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“Please accept my sincere appreciation for all of the effort, attention, and cooperation that Ickler Electric provided in moving the Viasat production operation from W10 and in setting up the factory in E3.
There were many in the business areas who doubted, and were surprised, at just how quickly you were able to bring the factory back up. We lost very little production down time as a result of a smooth and rapid move.
I have been receiving accolades from across the Carlsbad campus for how quickly the factory was moved and restored to operation thanks to you. The success of this project is mostly because of your contributions.
It was a pleasure to work with all of you.”

Kevin Haywood

Director, Manufacturing


“Ickler Electric recently assisted us with a fast-paced and business critical project to migrate our operations facility equipment and personnel into a new building. The execution of this project had significant revenue implications on the line, and turned out to be a massive success thanks in large part to the expertise, professionalism, and dedication of Ickler’s field and office resources. I would emphatically recommend them for future projects of varying size and complexity.”

Chris Neubauer

Manager, Facilities

Pacific Building Group

General Contractors

“With Ickler Electric working at our site, we have seen the engineering wisdom, attention to detail, and proactive attitude toward problem solving help PBG deliver projects on time and on budget. Ickler Electric has been a great partner with PBG for many years.”

Jim Roherty



General Contractors

“Ickler Electric has been a trusted partner with BNBuilders since our early days in San Diego. Ickler continually provides our teams with best in class support from early pre-construction efforts through the dependable installation of high quality work in the field.”

Ross Brown

Project Executive


“With Ickler Electric working at our site, I have seen both the technical engineering abilities as well as strong attention to detail, which is critical to our operations. This has allowed us to increase our reliability while reducing downtime. Ickler Electric has been and will continue to be a great partner to Cymer.”

Jeff Hughson

Director, Global Real Estate & Facilities

Burger Construction

General Contractors

“Prefabrication was the key on this project and Ickler Electric performed. Their ability to off-site fabricate the production floor power system allowed Burger Construction to keep our schedule moving forward without delays”

Jim Schork

Project Executive

Illumina, Inc

“Mission critical facilities like ours need a talented partner, Ickler Electric fits that bill. Working together for over 5 years has proved they are our preferred solution provider. They have proved over and over again that they are the right partner for Illumina”

Rocky Barlow

Supervisor, Facilities Operations